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BULLY FACTS - 166 thousands students stay home everyday in fear of being bullied. Dangers of Cyber-bullying: 1 out of 10 kids bullied contemplate suicide. Homicide and suicide: options to end pain of hopelessness and isolation.  Incarcerated youth's recidivism rate is 2 out of 5.

School's with anti-bullying program- bullying reduced by 50%.



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150,000 youth and teens, grades 5-12 are harassed and embarrassed daily by anonymous people, who post cruel gossip and lies on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, for the thrill of taunting victims.

Cyber bullies remain faceless and nameless cowards. They know the victim, usually a classmate.
It's time to Wake-Up, spend time more creatively - Hurting classmates, neighbors, or friends will backfire.  If  the victim harms his or herself because of your bullying, you will pay the price for the rest of your life. Words are powerful. Choose to uplift, rather than abuse someone.

Cyber Bullying Prevention - 10 Tips

  • Keep all personal information private
  • Never give anyone your password.
  • Don’t post your current location... Talk about it when you get home.
  • If you Post a photo having fun... don’t give time and date you are there.
  • Google yourself regularly to check on false information possibly being posted about you.
  • Don’t open odd or questionable messages from people you know or don’t know.
  • Don’t forward gossip, embarrass anyone for fun, or send cruel or intimidating message
  • Don’t post anything about anyone that you wouldn’t want said about you.
  • You don't have to follow the herd, to fit-in, be liked... If ganging up on someone that is vulnerable is part of being accepted... remember you have a choice not to participate.
  • Speak up for someone who is being cyber-bullied. Report infractions to a teacher or adult. You may save a life.
  •  Add your own Tips and share them.