Join 2-million teens, parents, teachers,

students grades 4-12   Creating PeaceMakers

in classroom, at home, and community.   

Peace-Maker's Roadmap 4 Teens, youth, parents, teachers, counselors.  

  • Healthy Nutrition, Activate Sustainable environments, Leadership,
  • Urban & Rural Survival Skills

  •  Applicable Life Skills - Co-operative learning. Peer Counseling. Buddy-up system. Anger & stress management, self-esteem. Communication, Arts Creative Expression, Unity in Community Service.

 Thrive as Peace Makers.

"Honored by Presidents Clinton & George W. Bush"
"I've watched you. You're doing a great job."  Oprah Winfrey

"Ground-Breaker 4 Teens, Parents, Teachers, Youth.

Revolutionary #1 Best-Seller

"The Bully Solution - Peace Smarts"

Parent's Guide 4 Teens & Youth

Create a Peace Culture for grades 5-12

"Peace Smarts" Curriculum.  7- Step Process- Critical Thinking - Problem solving

for personal issues & subjects across curriculum. Created with Chicago Police Veterans, education specialists - to end violence in schools, home, community.

Peace-Maker's Roadmap 4 Teens, youth, parents, teachers, counselors
-  Co-operative learning/Emotional Intelligence. Leadership. Peer Counseling. Buddy-up system. Unity in Community Service. Anger & stress management, self-esteem.  Mindfulness training.

100 Practical  Tools  for parenting, Teen issues - peer pressure, social diversity, inclusion, communication skills, conflict resolution, stop cyber-bullying, Sexual harassment.

Thrive as Peace Make

 'Peace Making In Community '
NEW Interactive Curriculum - March 2019 

  • Make Peace- Health, Safety, Environment 
  • Survival Skills-  grades 4th-12th
  • 100 Reproducible Tools & Lessons
  • Videos, PDF's, MP3's

Creating Lifelong Learners - 4 Positive Citizenry

Merrie Way Community

Healthy Sustainable Living

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