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"Do As I Say.... Not As I Do"

Not! Conscious Parenting uses role-modeling to engage and empower children. Rather than a topdown agenda, Empathetic Listening is key to communicating with your child or teen. Hear what they say, ask open-ended questions, and resist lecturing, comparing, or judging.

Parents are human - admit to making mistakes, create open ended discussions, and state what you have learned. being mindful of the power of words, the follow- up when rules are broken and consequences are administered.

Conscious Parenting - Join MerrieWay for cutting edge education, teen trends, and 'How to Parent' -  Guided by experts' including  Mom & Dad, Teens, Kids, Teachers, Family & YOU!


In MerrieWay Community... Parents, Youth, Teens learn to respect, value, and have gratitude for our global Family. We learn to honor and to respect our self, and give to others the kindness, consideration, and setting healthy boundaries that create Harmonious relationships.