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​​​What is I Spiral Oracle?

I Spiral Oracle is a truth-sayer, an infinite intelligence barometer, that eases past limited beliefs, behavioral patterns, and emotional turmoil. It ignites a creative life force, fueling quantum frequencies - synchronistically aligning with YOU.  New visions emerge - Morphing a rejuvenated life-quest path! 

Origin of I Spiral Oracle?

 I Spiral Oracle was 'birthed' in a bubble bath - while Merrie deeply contemplated 'how to be useful' during these trying times. 

How I Spiral Sessions Work?

 Merrie's intuitive mastery guides you thru the magical ‘I Spiral Oracle’ journey. Offering a divine glimpse into your deepest longing and knowing.

‘One on one’ Life-altering sessions -  Invoke creative potential, uplift  emotional frequencies, expand optimum possibilities.

  • Uptone exhaustion, confusion, procrastinating standstills.
  •  Inspire innovative career choices, improve financial, health, and relationship quandaries. 
  • Transform anxiety, emotional blocks - whatever issue is up for you.  


In the midst of chaos, pandemics, loss of life as you've known it.  Let's take a breather. Imagine a destiny renewal. Activating your soul/heart desire. Propelling clarity, optimum solutions, and infinite possibilities. Powering Up a magnificent 2021 and beyond.  

 Yes! It can happen - by engaging with I Spiral Oracle. 

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