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"The Bully Solution - Peace Smarts

"Wherever you go, bring kindness with you."
Peace Making Is Cool


Provide a safety net for all children. Bully Proofing targets Peace and conflict resolution skills, creating healthy, harmonious environments. 

Merrie Way Community

Healthy Sustainable Living

​​​​Parent's Guide 4 Teens & Youth

Hopeful future

Bridging cultural/economic divide: Youth leadership, nature treks, create equal opportunities for children/ teens to succeed and vision an optimistic future.

Create a Peace Culture for Grades 5-12

"Peace Smarts" Curriculum.  7- Step Process- Critical Thinking - Problem solving for personal issues & subjects across curriculum. Created with Chicago Police Veterans, education specialists - to end violence in schools.

Peace-Maker's Roadmap 4 Teens, youth, parents, teachers, counselors
-  Co-operative learning. Leadership. Peer Counseling. Buddy-up system. Unity in Community Service. Anger & stress management, self-esteem. Mindfulness (across curriculum)

100 Practical  Tools  for classroom, teachers & parents. Teen issues - peer pressure, social diversity, inclusion, communication skills, conflict resolution, stop cyber-bullying, Sexual harassment.

Thrive as Peace Makers.

our mission: Youth services

Merrie Way Community, a non-profit 501 C3 fosters healthy, peaceful environments for disadvantaged youth, in which they learn to empower themselves and create positive change in their communities.

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Our goal is to inspire youth to think. Art programs, quantum 'how to' Apps instill practical problem  solving. Mindfulness, Buddy

Up-collabs foster positive citizenry. 

"Ground-Breaker 4 Teens, Parents, Teachers, Youth
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Bully Proof Solution - Create Peace Makers!


Sharing their talents and being guided - Teens and adolescents garner life tools and coping skills to thrive in our chaotic, fast-paced world.