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Parents & Family Sessions 

  • Solutions to Family Challenges 
  • Communication, Conflict Resolution & Boundary-setting
  • Substance Abuse, Fears & Anxiety
  • Creating Healthy Family Lifestyle

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Peacemaking in Community - A quantum learning program, builds upon evidence based, experiencial, proven track record.

Youth PeaceMakers Rally

  • Students Outreach into Community -   'Real life' application across core curriculum projects.
  • Making Peace with their bodies - creating a healthy, nutritious lifestyle.
  • Peace in Environment becoming Earth Stewards of the land. Survival Urban/Rural Tools.
  • PeaceMakers for a safe, harmonious, and equitable future.

For over two decades Merrie Way Community’s (MWC) curricula and programs for grades 5-12 have been unique catalysts in developing critical-thinking skills and creative expression through the arts.

Over 2- million students, teachers, and parents have been impacted by Morph America and Peace Smarts programs.  Thousands participants in five school districts, including Los Angeles Unified have demonstrated success in applying the skills learned to “real-world” situations—from handling bullying to conflict resolution, and transforming racial tensions to community engagement.

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Vital adjunct 4 parents, students,teachers


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