Bullycide is the horrific result of youth/teens committing suicide; a devastating solution for bullying. The escalation of bullying... finds 1 out of 15 youth attempt suicide as victims of bullying. 1 out of 3 succeed. The highest ratio is among young men between the ages of 14-20. When suicide becomes an option to end suffering - it is time to regroup and deliver a pro-active plan to educate, develop awareness,  intervention methods., and  conflict resolution skills. it's society's responsibility to keep our children safe...WE MUST STAND UP for our children, each one of us empowering their right to a healthy and prosperous future.
When the victim makes a choice to take their lives as a solution to the pain, fear, isolation of being left out, taunted, being made fun of for sport..many lives are affected. The family, friends, the bully will never be the same. Everyone is left in a quandary, what happened, what went wrong. Parents feel responsible, in their devastation, blaming themselves, "What could I have done to help. Why didn't I see it coming. I stood by...and allowed it to happen."

  • So many questions remain, "Why did the child choose to suffer it alone?" Or were they afraid to out the bully and the consequence of retaliation, and more humiliation and taunting. In the end we suffer the loss of our loved one...who is gone.

The vacuum of loss affects the bully for they cannot go back and right a wrong. Many of them are tormented for years with guilt and shame - knowing that they intentionally tormented someone, without the knowledge of the severe consequences. The parents of the bully...will also endure the reality of ignoring the dreadful signs of what their child was doing. Statistics show bullies are often the product of bullying in the home and the cycle continues generationally.

What to do? Suicide prevention can be stopped by bringing an anti-violence program into the schools, and offering counseling services in home to those suffering abuse. "Peace Smarts...teaching youth inclusivity, tolerance of difference...creating PeaceMakers in the classroom, at home, and building self-esteem is a valuable start to create a safety net.

WAKE UP...STEP UP...Help save a life.

Is Your Family Member A Bully?

My 12-year-old brother is a bully. He teases kids and really hurts their feelings. My parents are clueless and think his teacher picks on him. What can I do? I think he is popular for the wrong reasons?
Jani 8th grade.

MerrieWay -  It's hard to watch someone we care about be cruel to others. Why do you think he bullies? Was he bullied at home or at school? Try to have a conversation with him about how it hurts to be teased, harassed or left out. And the harm it does physically or emotionally.

Ask him how he would feel? You can role play - you be the bully and see who he feels. This might help him to change his ways. Consider sharing it with your parents if you don't see a change in his behavior. If you stand by without doing anything...you are the onlooker, a passive bully participant. Speaking out is the responsible thing to do.

For Parents If Your Child Or Teen Is A Bully

Teach Empathy. What does it feel like to be bullied. Discuss how they can apologize to someone they've taunted.
• Discuss  alternative strategies to use instead of bullying.
• Make your expectations clear. Institute consequences if the bullying continues and get professional help, if necessary.
• Set the example at home.  Model nonviolent behavior. Show compassion

"Sticks and stones will break my bones and names will never hurt me."

 Do you believe that is true that unkind words do not hurt?

  • Recall a time when someone hurt your feelings, called you stupid, a nerd, fatty, ugly - how did you feel?
  • Or recall a time when you hurt someone with name-calling in front of your peers. Maybe you were joking, but words are powerful and they stick like an arrow in the heart.

  • Make it a practice to build others up, to encourage with kind words...this is a key to making friends... and feeling good about yourself too.

Jaden, an 11th grader asks Merrie Lynn on MerrieWay Day.
How I can stop kids from bullying me?

MerrieWay:Attitude plays a big part - the bully waits for your reaction. If you react in fear, cry, run away, or feel helpless and tongue-tied the Bully wins at his or her hurtful game. Don't give them the satisfaction - that means don't give your personal power away. Nod silently and keep your cool, breathe deeply and walk away. If you are pushed or shoved, or the bully gangs up on you that is a legal offense and report it immediately to a teacher, your parents, or principal if it happened in school. Find that safety-net, walk with other kids, and get support you need.

YOU CAN DO It! Keep us posted. We care!

MerrieWay Tip:  Marshall Arts are great practice to focus, have control over your emotions and build confidence. Enroll in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi... Get rid your victim mentality and know you are worth it... you are the Best YOU... if fact no one else will ever be YOU. How cool is that?

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