Bully Proof Solution

Merrie Lynn Ross

 Since 1995 I have worked tirelessly to mitigate the escalating violence in schools nationwide and globally. Collaborating with filmmakers, philanthropists, sponsors, educators, and the Chicago Police Department we created the award-winning Peace Smarts and Morph America curriculum - Impacting 2-million students, teachers,

and parents.

The 7-step transformational problem-solving and solution finding process includes conflict resolution tools, communication skills, creative expression, community service, embracing diversity, and promoting unity in community.

My vision is inspiring a world of Peacemakers. All kids are at-risk - Join us in our effort to change it.


We bring Peacemaking skills  One by one, youth thrive! Help Save A Life.



  MerrieWay welcomes your contribution. All proceeds go to serve our children. Bully Proof programs, mentoring, family support. Win-win opportunities in media and live events.

 New Programs 

  • Out-door Classroom:Youth Make Peace with environment. Grow Garden Healthy Nutrition 4 Obesity/Diabetes
  • Save a Life Day: No Violence, drugs. 
  • Peace Train:Youth run town Hall Meet-ups - Issues of Concern

Mission & Vision

We have a vital mission: to end trauma, and to help those in need. Focus is on community based efforts including education, creativity. and mentoring. 

Merrie Way Community

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 MerrieWay Community is a non-profit 501 C 3 that was established in 1995 - in collaboration with film industry notables, philanthropists and corporate sponsors  including Microsoft, Write Bros.,Lorsch Family Foundation, Norman Lear Foundation to bring arts and ethics back into our schools.  “Morph America” and “Peace Smarts” (solution for bullying) curriculums affecting 2 million students, parents, and teachers was honored by President Clinton and recognized by President George W Bush.  Bully Solution - Peace Smarts #1 Best Seller.

 MerrieWay’s youth anchors participated in the Presidential Summit, with every living President and Oprah Winfrey.  MerrieWay's brainchild, “Stand For Children” rallied 300,000 people at the Lincoln memorial, spearheaded by the Children’s Defense Fund. MerrieWay coined ‘Morph’ as a transformation term that is in today’s vernacular. 
 Campaigns involve youth/teens running Town Hall meetings... dealing with both personal and global issues. Both problem solving and solutions finding, they 'Dream the Future 'they want for sustainability, equality, and positive citizenry.
 Our youth anchors and team of professional illuminate varying topics from safety, kindness, bullying, environment sustainability, communication skills, animal care.

Impacting over 2-milion, students, parents and educators MerrieWay has collaborated with (short list) LAUSD classrooms, grades 5-12, including inner city.  Chicago school system, NYC  Beekman school, Lethbridge Canada, Huston, San Antonio Texas gifted and talented, Seattle public schools. Private Los Angeles: Crossroads, New Roads, Micheal Milken Junior High & High School, Country School, Harvard-Westlake. UCLA, ETC

Served at Girl Scouts National Training. Vista Del Mar, Boys & Girls Clubs, Unity Church Boulder, Native American studies, Aspen. 

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