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Bully Proof Solution

Merrie Lynn Ross

 Since 1995 I have worked tirelessly to mitigate the escalating violence in schools nationwide and globally. Collaborating with filmmakers, philanthropists, sponsors, educators, and the Chicago Police Department we created the award-winning Peace Smarts and Morph America curriculum - Impacting 2-million students, teachers,

and parents.

The 7-step transformational problem-solving and solution finding process includes conflict resolution tools, communication skills, creative expression, community service, embracing diversity, and promoting unity in community.

My vision is inspiring a world of Peacemakers. All kids are at-risk - Join us in our effort to change it.


We bring Peacemaking skills  One by one, youth thrive! Help Save A Life.



  MerrieWay welcomes your contribution. All proceeds go to serve our children. Bully Proof programs, mentoring, family support. Win-win opportunities in media and live events.

 New Programs 

  • Out-door Classroom:Youth Make Peace with environment. Grow Garden Healthy Nutrition 4 Obesity/Diabetes
  • Save a Life Day: No Violence, drugs. 
  • Peace Train:Youth run town Hall Meet-ups - Issues of Concern

Mission & Vision

We have a vital mission: to end trauma, and to help those in need. Focus is on community based efforts including education, creativity. and mentoring.