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our mission:

Merrie Way Community fosters healthy, peaceful environments for disadvantaged youth, in which they learn to empower themselves and create positive change in their communities.

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Merrie Way Community

Healthy Sustainable Living


“If you teach a child to fish...” Our goal is to inspire youth to think. To understand how to apply what they learn in the world. To share, collaborate, and embrace compassion for positive citizenry.


Provide a safety net for all children. Bully Proofing targets the roots of violence - to create healthy, harmonious environments. 

"Wherever you go, bring kindness with you."
Peace Making Is Cool

Bully Proof Solution - Create Peace Makers!

Hopeful future

Bridging the cultural and economic divide creates equal opportunities for children & teens  to succeed and vision a positive future.


Sharing their talents and being guided - Teens and adolescents garner life tools and coping skills to thrive in our chaotic, fast-paced world.